Dag Einar Eilertsen (alto-trombone) and Marius Noss Gundersen (classical guitar) combine two musical worlds in an expression inspired by Nordic jazz traditions.

With its unique combination of instruments the duo now present their new project, "Nordic Landscape": original compositions characterized by long melodic lines, timbres, improvisations and Nordic atmospheres.

Eilertsen and Gundersen have played together for a number of years and have received excellent feedback on their musicianship and relaxed stage appearances. To experience Morild live has been said to be a unique musical journey through clear open sound, beautiful melodies and enjoyable dialog with the listeners.

Their audiences have expressed a heightened experience afforded from the unique combination of instruments in a live setting as this enhances both the delicate sound and the strong interactive dialogue between not only the musicians but between the players and the audience as well.

With "Nordic Landscape" they convey the playfulness of the improvisational elements in jazz in combination with the classical music's all-round structure. Inspired by the beautiful landscape, nature, light and geography of the Nordic countries, they have composed music that blends together linear melody, rich sound and beautiful mood.

Dag Einar is known from bands such as Oslo 13, Ung Pike Forsvunnet and L.U.G.N. in addition to being a widely used composer, organizer and conductor.

Marius plays concerts as a classical guitarist worldwide (New York, New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, London, Berlin, etc.) and as a composer he specializes in music for guitar.